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You Guys are My Friends!

The ridiculous suburban adventures of Eric, Steven, & Damian, three friends growing up on the wild fringes of a dusty American blandscape.

Hey, Everybody.

This comic is an autobiographical examination of the life of Nacho Nova, an American cartoonist, comedian & go-getter. Comics about the little things magnified ten thousand times. Hop on “bored!”

Hey, Cat.

“Hey, Cat.” takes the universe & filters it through the brain of a cat, then through osmosis (or “Blizzard of Ozz”) into the mind of a human, & then into a comic.

About the Author

nacho nova
Nacho Nova in repose

Nacho Nova is an American illustrator, comedy writer, & musician. He has published comics with GoComics, Comixology, Indy Planet, Comics Monkey, international cartoon distributor Cartoon Movement, & Male Decency Men’s Magazine. He is also the creator of the You Guys are My Friends, Hey, Cat., & Hey, Everybody comic series.

Nova was the cartoonist for the Andress High School newspaper in El Paso, TX. It validated his filling spiral notebook upon spiral notebook with comics since the age of 10. Drawings & jokes: he had found his schtick. Nova continued filling notebooks with wild comic stories & went on to be the editorial cartoonist for his college newspaper, the Tejano Tribune, as well as a radio DJ for many unsupervised hours.

After college, Nova moved to San Francisco, where he continued making comics independently & for the local zine MadHappys. It was at this time when Nova began making You Guys are My Friends, & it soon began being published through the GoComics site Comics Sherpa. Nova collaborated with many webcomic artists online & living in the Bay Area, & participated in the regular “Papercuts” live comic events where he read comics & improvised comedy in various galleries & venues in San Francisco.

In 2011 Nova moved back to his native El Paso on what some have called a “spiritual journey.” He does carry a bag of rocks in his pocket. He is currently working on Human Stuff #2, Hey, Cat. #2, & a You Guys Are My Friends: The Comic compendium. Nova also records┬áthe You Guys are My Friends podcast with his friends, & records music with his friend Traumbaum in the tour de force band Fetal Hawk.



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