Irons in the Fire (The Iron is Hott)

Dear Folks,

Happy weekend! Lots happenin’ here at the kitchen. No I am not joking, I am never joking! Plus if it wasn’t happening I wouldn’t mention it. I am committing myself via a blog post on a site read by hundreds of thousands of eyes around the world (I’m very popular with houseflies).


*New comic series once I draw it & figure out when to run it. Genre: The autobiographical. No more bullshit about sandwiches!

*New You Guys Are My Friends!: The Comic comics. Current storyline: love & hallucinations. Plus lots of bullshit about sandwiches!

*Print versions of my first two comics & probably this cat comic & a book of my editorial cartoons also. Plus I’m about 15 or so pages into my next comic book, but it might be long & complicated so I don’t know how long that’s gonna take.

*Extra merchandise & branded stuff. It’s a thing people who make comics & art do, & I am one of those people!

*Long term: I want to get involved in a communal comics collective, some sort of hub in which the scrappy & crappy comics creators alike or other artistic collaborators join hands to register on the vast internet radar. There is strength in numbers some person once said.


& more! (paintings, music, podcast editing, etc etc). But these are the hot top priorities. I can feel a structure rising up beneath my feet; for the first time I’m building a solid foundation for this stuff. What a load off! My brains thanks you, folks, & my soul says what up.


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