Lunchtime Laffs: Burgers & Body Shame

In today’s lunchtime installment, my hamburger drops some truth on my tray. Good thing I’m sitting down!

Hamburgers, am I right? To let me know if I am right or not, please use the contact form here.

So it’s a terrible thing, & I’ve had to correct a couple times for veering into its gravitational pull, but I have been eating like a goddamn fool & my body is not liking it. All these hamburgers & discount chocolate hearts may seems like fast & cheap approximations of nutritional sustenance  but they have some pretty steep price tags attached to them. I don’t think it makes sense to have body shame issues, so I’ve been altering my lifestyle so that the body that carries me through this world doesn’t undulate so much when I need to do my Harlem Shakes. Speaking of shakes, there are green ones on sale at that restaurant that is similar to the one where they found ground up horse parts in the meat. . .

Click to enlarge.

My lunchtime hamburger tells it like it is, along with the help of my gut.

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