Today in Spin Doctors News!

As I reported last week, some guy has a Kickstarter campaign going to get a film going in which Daniel “Sticky Bandit” Stern plays the lead singer of the Spin Doctors, superstar hitmakers of everyone’s favorite feel-good jam, Two Princes.

“What song is that?” you type into your computer. “I don’t know or like that song.” Are you sure?? It’s a pretty good song.


  So anyhow, the campaign is well short of its goal, but this thing that just happened is interesting. The guy who started the Kickstarter campaign, Daniel Nadolny, has released an excerpt from the script, which is pretty funny. I would like to see a movie like this. Hey, but what do I know, I’m just a comedy connoisseur.  Good luck, folks.

*Header image from Hip Doctors, which looks like a pretty good Tumblr page. I’m sold!

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