Week 8: Be Schmear Meow

WEEK 8 of 2013

8 weeks into the year already, dudemeisters, can you believe that?! I can believe that, but I can also not believe that. It just goes to show you. It shows you a thing. & you know what they say, so I don’t have to repeat it here.

So here are some things that are happening here for whoever is interested in those sorts of things (HELLO MIMA, HELLO ADVERTISING ROBOTS!!)

Somebody please call a beekeeper, because things are a “bee’s buzz” here at Funnyco, the place where people go to have a laugh. Funnyco: Just have a laugh!

Anyhow, that’s all the great advertising for this week! So like I was typing, things have been busy. Having successfully gotten an internet site going again after not having one for years is going to be a dynamite deal, I can already feel the long-fermented words sitting at the bottom of the cesspool in my mind rising to the surface & intoxicating everyone in the vicinity unfortunate enough to get a snootful of the poison aroma. (this is a fart analogy)

comedy farts!But aside from the website, which has been up for a couple months now, I have successfully achieved my arbitrary goal of keeping the daily cat comic going, & with that simple goal I feel completely reawakened as an artist who enjoys what he is doing. With the way my brain works now, there is constant analysis of the trajectory of my life & what I can disseminate from TIME. It’s useful in catching behavior that leads to good things & focusing on that, as well as doing what is possible to discard detrimental behavior that sets me back or sells me short. So anyhow I’ve always had a problem finding happiness in doing art. It just seemed to not exist, then exist, then that was that. Recently I realized part of that unhappiness was a result of me not spending much time getting to the next step, which is getting the art out there. As an art-maker for so many years, I have to believe this stuff exists for a reason. So a logical solution would be to put more out into the world!



  • Be Here Meow (“Hey, Cat.” #1)
  • 1″ buttons
  • greeting cards
  • reprints
  • new anthology of old stuff


I made a new comic book! This is “Be Here Meow,” a collection of the first month of my “Hey, Cat” comics with some extra stuff. Because nothing’s really bullshit if you document it! I just sent the files off to a couple printers over the weekend & they both have about a month turnaround time, so look for this book in my online shop in about a month. I’ll sign them or draw things in them or something, ah?? For sure I’ll write a thing about it when it arrives, also.

I am also in the process of adding new merchandise to the You Guys are My Friends shop, including my first buttons & first greeting card. Aw yeah, why not, right? So this stuff has been taking a little attention & I’ve been going through my artistic output over the last x amount of years. This led me to understand I should reprint my last two comics. But I couldn’t find the files for the first one so I decided I’d make a new book of the first 100 You Guys are My Friends comic strips, none of which are up on this site & many of which are probably no place. It’ll be fun for this stuff to essentially exist for the first time.

So this is stuff that’s happening with me. It has been a super comics-centric life lately. & I started reading what is the first comic book I’ve read in years, a really good book called Beta Testing the Apocalypse
by a Tom Kaczynski, given to me by my sweet m’lady Jessica, who has occasionally showed up in the cat comic. Holler!

Anyhow, that’s about it, folks, this feels like a super giant entry. Had a lot to write, I guess, a case of constiBRAINtion! Ah??



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